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  • Production for Songwriters – The Basics and Beyond Saturday, August 9, 3-6pm
  • 5 Week Songwriting Workshop Wednesdays (August 6 - Sept. 3), 7-9:30 pm

Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Composer, and Teacher based in NYC

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Founder/Chairperson of the New York Music Producers group and former member of NARAS’ New York Producers & Engineers Wing Committee, Tony produces many artists, and writes and produces for film and television with clients including PBS, HBO, ESPN, BET, A&E, ABC & CBS News, Discovery as well as for award-winning independent films.

In addition to singing, playing, performing, and recording his songs with Tony Conniff & Band, Tony continues to be in demand as a bassist and teacher/coach of Songwriting and Music Production.



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