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About Tony’s Workshops

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Songwriting Day

NY Songwriting Day, our 5th and among our most successful and well-attended, on ‘Writing and Marketing Your Songs’, took place at Hunter College in Manhattan. Go to for information on the program.

A distinguished,  informative, and entertaining lineup of presenters spoke and conducted workshops for songwriters on the craft of Songwriting, marketing your songs, and building a career in the music business. There was also a professional panel for listening to attendee’s songs.

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The first five Songwriting Days were attended by capacity crowds. Look for our 6th annual NY Songwriting Day. It’ll be the most exciting yet.


Private Coaching is available in all the areas listed on this page, plus in LogicPro recording software. For those not in or near New York City, consultations by Skype and phone are readily available. Also, if you’re going to be visiting New York, you can schedule a recording session and/or  a one-on-one songwriting consultation in advance.

‘Record Your Song!’ workshop

You will emerge from this new 5-week workshop with a professional recording of one of your songs, produced by Tony Conniff.  The process will consist of 3 group meetings to workshop your song and the progress of your recording, plus 2 individual 3-hour sessions where Tony will (with your active participation) produce, record, and mix your song.

Not only can each member of the group participate actively in creating their own recording – you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the other songwriters’ processes as well. No prior recording experience is necessary.

Songwriting Workshops

Tony regularly conducts 5 Week Songwriting Workshops, each held one evening a week from 7-9:30. Groups of 6-8 songwriters allow for individual focus and personalized attention, helping each writer advance their craft and explore his/her voice.

Along with ‘regular’ Songwriting Workshops, we periodically offer Contemporary Pop Songwriting workshops, which focus specifically on contemporary songwriting.

In addition, there are ‘Finish Your Songs’ workshops. If you’re a songwriter, you’ll understand the utility of this one!

Occasionally, ‘Songwriting – The Basics & Beyond’ is offered. This is for less experienced writers and also for more experienced ones who want to brush up on the basics. The essential moving parts of Songwriting are reviewed – how choruses work, melody, rhyme, rhythm, essential song forms, etc.

Garageband – Introduction & Intermediate

The Introduction class is a comprehensive overview of Apple’s Garageband recording software. Like Garageband, we keep things as simple as possible. You can walk out of this session with the knowledge required to start recording your own songs and compositions.

In the Intermediate class, we explore Garageband’s more advanced functions.

20 Recording & Production Techniques

You will emerge from this one-evening class with 20 new techniques, tips, and tricks – culled from the great producers I’ve known and worked with, my own productions, and the many Production groups I’ve taught – that are directly applicable to your music and song productions.

Nothing esoteric here; just 20 straightforward methods that I’ll demonstrate and you can put into practice right away to improve the sound and arrangements of your recordings, no matter how simple or complex they are.

Production for Songwriters – The Basics and Beyond (3 hour class)

This 3 hour class helps songwriters develop skills that are critical in making professional recordings of their songs. Topics explored include the basics of recording and mixing, how to use the most common effects (such as reverb, delay, EQ, compression), as well as the importance of arranging choices.

For beginners, it’s a look under the hood at the basics of making professional sounding recorded music. For those with some experience, it’s a review of those basics and a deeper look into the tools available to almost any recordist.

The techniques explored here are applicable to any recording platform (Logic, ProTools, Garageband, Live, Reason, etc.)


Gotham Writing School

Instructor, 2000-present, at one of America’s foremost independent writing schools, based in NYC.

Instructor for: Songwriting 1 (the basics of songwriting). Course content includes popular song fundamentals of melody, harmony, rhythm, rhyme, all common song forms, storytelling, lyric and music development, collaboration, song assignments and critiques.  Course content also includes analysis of popular songs from all eras, assignments tailored to practice and emulate specific areas of songwriting craft, encouragement of individual style and work habits, in-depth critiques of students’ songs.  This 10 week course is for beginners or those wishing to get a firmer grounding in the basics of Songwriting.

Songwriting 2 (songwriting workshop).  This 10 week course is for those with a grounding in the basics of Songwriting who wish to gain more experience and expand their craft.

You can read a profile Gotham published about Tony here.

The Collective School of Music (The Drummers Collective)

Professor, 1999-present, at this internationally known school based in Manhattan specializing in teaching Drummers, Bassists, Guitarists, Keyboardists, and Vocalists.

Instructor for: Music Production and Mixing, Advanced Studio Recording, Songwriting, Bass Guitar.

Tony co-taught, with John Pattitucci, a popular class in Studio Bass.

To learn more, contact Tony.